Monday, September 1, 2008

The Completeness Condition

One of the best ways to procrastinate is to find something that can block you from doing what you should be doing. If, for example, you want to avoid buying a new computer, then there is a wide variety of reasons for not doing it now, all based on the reasonable demand of having complete information before committing.

  1. New Intel CPUs will come out soon. There is no point in getting a computer that will be outdated in just a few months.
  2. The new Intel chips are too expensive. Better to wait for the price to go down a bit.
  3. The new AMD CPUs are supposed to be out soon. If they are as good as people say, I'd feel foolish having just bought the Intel machine...
  4. New Intel CPUs will come out soon...
Any time you can find condition like this, you can put acting off almost indefinitely; having complete information is never possible when making forward looking decisions. Ideally you will be able avoid doing things entirely by having the window of opportunity close while you're waiting for more information.