Monday, November 17, 2008

Distributed Denial of Service

One of the best tools in the chest of a serious procrastinator is social interruptions. Having a large assortment of "friends" that talk to you during the day allows you to stay away from important tasks. A much more powerful tool, however is the social network; if a website allows you to see the interaction between your "friends" and their "friends", the number of events grows by the square of your connections!

If you have eight connections (which is quite a conservative number), and each connection has eight connections of its own, and each connection gets at least one comment on its page from each of its connections, that's 64 updates that you can be on the lookout for --- well over one event every ten minutes during a normal work day, or more than enough to keep you from getting anything done at all.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, but not all events are created equal, and you underestimate the skill of children of the internet to skim content. The only real time thief is an event looks interesting, and you click on a link... and keep clicking.. like in wikipedia.